​Factors to be Considered When Purchasing Dance Jewelry

​Factors to be Considered When Purchasing Dance Jewelry

Posted by Rachel Stinson on 30th Nov 2017

When purchasing dance jewelry (or any other form of jewelry, to be honest), it will be wise if you could take a few of the following into consideration:The Company’s ReputationWhenever you intend to … read more

​All You Need to Know About Rudraksha Beads

Posted by Devi C on 24th Oct 2017

The Rudraksha is a natural seed of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree, which is grown widely across the Himalayas, mainly in India and Nepal. Rudraksha or Rudraksham as it is called in Sanskrit means “t … read more

How to take care of your imitation jewelry !

Posted by Sreedevi C on 9th Oct 2017

Gold jewelry is pretty expensive and low maintenance. Gold has high resistance to corrosion and most other chemical reactions. So biggest challenge in with gold is keeping safe from thi … read more

Pictures and message from American Tap Company, the 2016 world champions!

Posted by American Tap Company, North Andover, Massachusetts on 9th Dec 2016

Dear all,We are more than thrilled and happy to share this message and pictures from one of our happy prestigious customer. In October 2016, Ms.Kelli ordered several Bollywood style Kathak costumes fr … read more

Printing invitation for Bharatanatyam Arangetram !

Posted by RR on 23rd May 2015

As we are writing this blog, me and my wife are proof reading my daughter's Bharatanatyam arangetram invitation. I can't even believe that I am writing a blog now. But then, there is no better time. … read more