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​Select the beautiful Indian Jewelry Designs for your wedding attire

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Wedding seasons are full of joy, excitement and fun. And of course, the bride gets to enjoy it even more with all the amazing shopping and preparations going on. Selecting a beautiful bridal dress is an exciting job. From colors to the style, design to the size and overall look of the bridal dress, everything counts and the bride makes sure that it is perfect. Next, comes the time when you have to shop for all the things that would accessorize the bridal dress. It includes shoes, bags, accessories and most important of all, the jewelry!

An Indian bride loves to follow her traditional wedding sari style and wear cultural Indian style jewelry on her big day. And why shouldn’t she? Indian jewelry is the most exquisite, antique yet delicately designed and most gorgeous jewelry. Did we just praise it a little too much? Well, just wait till you see the jewelry designs and then decide for yourself! Whether you are looking for the Indian style earrings or are tempted to buy the vintage style rings, there wouldn’t be a single design that won’t impress you.

Other than the Indian traditional jewelry, you can look forward to the contemporary diamond jewelry, gold and silver jewelry items as well as artificial jewelry sets. With so many options at hand, it gets confusing to pick the best jewelry piece for the big bridal event. This is why we have compiled the list of seven mind-blowing jewelry designs for an India bride.

1.The Holy Mangalsutra:

  • The mangalsutra has great importance in the life of an Indian bride. It is a sign strength, trust and love which strengthen the bond she has with her husband. Usually, the bride gets to decide the style of the mangalsutra which is why you must have some information about it.
  • The different styles of mangalsutra include the diamond mangalsutra, wine branch design, black and gold traditional mangalsutra, Rajashthani style and many others. These beautiful long neck pieces are decorated with beads, string, rhinestones, gemstones, Kundan and diamonds as well.
  • 2.Adorable headpieces:
  • The two amazing headpieces include maang tikka and maang patti and as a bride, you must have any one of them! The maan tikka is more of a central ornament which is pinned up in the hair. It can be in a circular shape, in a form of a chandelier or have pearls attached to it. The maang patti, on the other hand, extends over the whole forehead. It can be one-sided as well. These ornaments are stylish and make the bride look adorable. The fancy and heavy look it offers is exactly what an Indian bride is looking for.

  • 3.Fancy nose pins:
  • The fancy nose pins or locally known as the ‘nath’ is a jewelry piece more specific for the Indian brides. Though women all around the world wear delicate nose pins but, the ones we are talking about here are different. Have you seen the Indian brides in the Bollywood movies or the actresses playing the role of the wife of an emperor? The fancy attires and the jewelry they wear, oh, it’s amazing, right? We are referring to the similar nose pins. The fancy nath, polka nath, jaiswal nath, sarja nath, and the simple gold and silver naths are simply stunning.
  • 4.Elegant and charming rings:
  • Coming onto the rings, Indian brides love to wear it and not just one but two to three as well. Though the design you pick depends on your fashion sense, but the rings adorned with Ksundan and gemstones are the best ones. Go through the pictures of these rings and you’ll simply love them. Do get your hands on several rings and buy them so that you can wear them in after-wedding events as well.
  • There is another stylish jewelry piece that goes quite well with the bridal look. It is the hathphool or the hand harness piece. It extends from the bangles, covers the dorsum of the hand and ends at the ring area.
  • 5.Stylish necklaces:
  • Among the many stylish necklaces that you as an Indian bride can wear, the tops ones that we selected are quite fascinating. They include the pretty bib necklace or choker necklace style, the rani har, satlada the beads of which covers the whole front and the addigai. The addigai style of necklace looks best on those brides who wear a saree on their wedding day.
  • 6.Anklets:
  • The anklet popularly known as the payal or jhaanar is the jewel that makes your feet look pretty. When dressing from top to bottom, you shouldn’t miss wearing a payal. They are fancy and consist of chains, pearls, Kundan, stones and other gold pendant like pieces. Do add payal to your list as it is the perfect accessory to jazz up your look.
  • 7.Jhumka/ Chand bali earrings:
  • How can we forget the earrings? The earring is another jewelry item that adds sparkle to the look of an Indian bride. Keeping it traditional makes the Indian bride look stunning. The red-orangish bridal outfits always go well with the jhumka style earrings. The chand bali earrings are another beautiful style of earrings you can go for. They are adorned with beads, pearls, Kundan and elegant stones which make them look even prettier. If you want to give your bridal look a modern touch, you can also go for the ear studs, chandelier earrings or the latkans. These styles will surely lighten up your look.

For a bride, weddings are all about looking beautiful! Them how can a girl miss this wonderful opportunity to fulfill her dreams? This is your one and only chance to dress up as fancy as you want and make it as stylish as possible. Don’t miss it at all and get all the best bridal jewelry items to spice up your look!

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At Saree Palace, Heeral Thakkar commenced with the vision of inspiring the world with her fabulous and stylish clothing line. Heeral is a pioneer in providing an Indian culture and tradition in California. Presently, people from all over the country are interested in shopping from this first ever Indian bridal boutique. With experience in hand and unique fashion trends in mind, Heeral has become one of the most exquisite fashion designers in the country.

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