Sarees and Blouses

There is no dress that complements an Indian woman the way a saree does. Whatever be the style of draping the saree, it simply adorns her like a jewel and makes her the epitome of beauty. Trends may come and trends may go, but the inclination to drape a Saree goes on forever… this is very much true of women originating from the Indian culture. Ask one what she would prefer to wear for a special occasion and the answer without a moment of hesitation will be “saree”. 

Under this main saree category you will find may types of Indian Sarees. We have real Kanchivaram (Kanchipuram) Silk sarees and fashion sarees. Most of our silk sarees and handloom sarees from Kanchipuram. We also have Silk sarees from Dharmavaram with high contrast colors and traditional Kerala Sarees.