Arangetram Orchestra Booking

We bring professional musicians for your Arangetram orchestra. Our troupe usually consists of artists with years of experience in their field who are graded by All India Radio. We have Vocalist, Mridangist, Flautist and Violinist who can take your Arangetram a whole new level.

Discuss with your child's dance teacher before you start looking around for the Arangetram Orchestra crew. Your teacher may have specific requirements for the artists and will have a clear idea about what to looks for in the biodata of the artist. The parent can decide on how many musicians they need and the budget limit for orchestra. Some arangetrams may only have a mridangist and Violinist. Some may have flutists and Veena artits in addition. When it comes to select the artists, the Guru should have full freedome, becuase she/he is the one knows most about the songs and items. 

Please have a look at our "Arangetram Orchestra FAQs" page to find the answers for most of the general questions. You may call us or email us any time at the contact information provided at the end of this page for more details. Planning ahead is very important if you are considering a live orchestra for your child's/student's arangetram. Most of the times the group gets booked before December for the next year's arangetram. If you wait till last minute, you will be left with limited choices. 

Also please feel free to look at the page with biodata of the artists. We will only be able to confirm the exact aratist's name who are coming to your program 3 months prior to your actual arangetram date. This is because of the VISA processing and other travel related issues. You can have a general idea of the class, grade and experience of the artists we work with, by looking at the biodata page.

Thank you for choosing us for all your dance needs...

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