Golu Dolls

Golu is an artisitic display of dolls during the Navrathri and Dasara feastival. This is done mostly by Hindus. The dolls are usually made of paper mesh,  wood or metal. The dolls (Bommai - as they are called in Tamil) are placed on an odd numbered steps made of wood or metal. The dolls generally depict Hindu Gods in line with tradition but one can see very inootvative theme based add-on displays these days. There are some mythological significances of Golu.  Some say the dolls depict Gods and Goddesses praying for Parvati Devi when she was doing penance for betraying Lord Shiva by attending the Daksha Yagna. Others say the dolls represent the assembly of Durga Devi who killed the demon Mahishasura on Vijayadashami day. One more signifance is that this festival gives an opportunity for musicians, craftsmen and other artists to express their creativity. Above all, the Golu represents the spiritual truth of Sat-Chit-Anandam.