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How to take care of your imitation jewelry !

Posted by Sreedevi C on 9th Oct 2017

Gold jewelry is pretty expensive and low maintenance. Gold has high resistance to corrosion and most other chemical reactions. So biggest challenge in with gold is keeping safe from thieves ! The scenario is different for the imitation and costume jewelry. This has less value, but less resistance to corrosion. 

The jewelry used for Bharatanatyam dance and kuchipudi dance is commonly known as Temple Jewellery. There are different types of temple jewellery. The most authentic and expensive is made in the southern part of India by Artisans who's family is doing this for centuries. This is made of real Silver and plated/coated with Gold. We also have imitation temple jewelry which is less expensive than real temple jewelry. Instead of Silver, base-metal or Copper is used in this type of jewelry.

Imitation temple jewelry mostly made of base-metal is brittle and should be handled with care. In the recent past, many imitation temple jewellery manufacturers are using fiberglass as base material for some ornaments like belts, jada and headset. This material is very light and strong and easy to handle.

Some imitation temple jewellery has Copper as the base material, but it is heavy and expensive. Some dancers use stone jewellery, designer antique jewelry and artificial pearl jewellery for dance performances instead of Temple Jewellery. Kuchipudi dancers and some Kathak dancers use Temple jewellery for their dance performances also. Please visit us for all your Indian traditional Temple jewellery needs.

Keep your dance jewelry in a cool dry place wrapped in soft cotton cloth. After each performance, wipe the jewelry clean and store it. This will help to remove the sweat and other water particles. Do NOT drop the jewellery.