Nattuvankam or Nattuvangam ?

Posted by C M Mishra on 24th Mar 2015

Bharatanatyam is considered the classical dance of South India especially Tamilnadu. Expression, dance, and rhythm are the tree primary aspects of this dance form. Carnatic music forms the basis of Bh … read more

How to get coupon codes

Posted by Priyan on 6th Feb 2015

Dear visitor,We have blog posts explaing various topics ranging from "how to order costumes" to "how to get coupon codes". Please read our blogs and save money.Here are the links to some useful blogs: … read more

​Importance of ankle bells in Indian classical dance forms

Posted by Divya on 24th Jan 2015

Indian classical dance is a varied form of art and has numerous styles to boast of. The different styles of dancing broadly pertain to the different geographic regions in the country. Each one of them … read more

Indian classical dance makeup

Posted by Sreedevi C on 29th Apr 2014

The Indian classical dance makeup should have a graceful look and should be suitable for stage light rather than day light. It also should be equally suitable for dancers with dark or fair skin col … read more

Coupon code for

Posted by Sreedevi C on 19th Feb 2014

Many of our visitors, who intend to buy Indian Jewelry, call us and ask for discount before they put items in their shopping cart. Generally, we don’t offer any discount for retail buyers, but we offe … read more