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Indian Dance Jewelry

You will see all different types of Indian dance jewelry under this main category. We have listed hundreds of designs of Temple jewelry, Bharatanatyam dance jewelry, Kuchipudi dance jewellery, Kathak dance jewelry, Odissi jewelry and Mohiniyattam dance jewelry in various sub categories here. Please click on the related sub category to see the products of your interest.

Most of the items are for Indian classical dances, but you will see jewelry and accessory for some of the folk dances also here. The jewelry for Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dance is generally known as Temple Jewelry. We have real and imitation temple jewelry in our store. Most of the beginners use imitation temple jewellery because it is inexpensive, long lasting and looks exactly like the real temple jewelry, which is made of Silver and plated with Gold. Real temple jewelry costs at least 10 times the imitation counterpart. Mostly professional performers and senior dancers use real temple jewelry.

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