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Posted by Sree on 29th Jan 2019

Bharatnatyam is one of the oldest and eminent of the Indian classical dance forms and a heritage part of culture of India. It originated in south India, in the state of Tamil Nadu and spread out to … read more
​Factors to be Considered When Purchasing Dance Jewelry

​Factors to be Considered When Purchasing Dance Jewelry

Posted by Rachel Stinson on 30th Nov 2017

When purchasing dance jewelry (or any other form of jewelry, to be honest), it will be wise if you could take a few of the following into consideration:The Company’s ReputationWhenever you intend to … read more

How to take care of your imitation jewelry !

Posted by Sreedevi C on 9th Oct 2017

Gold jewelry is pretty expensive and low maintenance. Gold has high resistance to corrosion and most other chemical reactions. So biggest challenge in with gold is keeping safe from thi … read more

​Importance of ankle bells in Indian classical dance forms

Posted by Divya on 23rd Jan 2015

Indian classical dance is a varied form of art and has numerous styles to boast of. The different styles of dancing broadly pertain to the different geographic regions in the country. Each one of them … read more