Arangetram Budget

The most important part of planning an arangetram is the budget planning. Discuss with family members and come up with a total spending limit. This limit must be considered with the dancer's future plans in mind. Most of the dancers consider Arangetram as the last step of their dance learning experience. They truely think it is a graduation ceremony and slowly stop dancing after arangetram. In this case, there is no use of spending too much money because there is no return of investment (ROI). If the dancer is planning a career in dance, you may have to consider having a critique, chief guest and some media presence. All these are additional expences and requires a lot of planning. 

Depending upon the number of people expected, you can book the auditorium. Mostly in USA, middle school auditoriums are perfect for arangetrams and these can comfortably seat about 450 people. The budget need to include all the expenses described in the arangetram expenses page of this website.