Kerala Nadanam Custom Made Dance Costume

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Made to order item. Delivered within 4~6 weeks
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White/off white art silk material
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This is a custom made dance costume. Please fill up the measurements and submit. Refer the picture for taking measurements.

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Please take the actual body measurements. Our tailors will make necessary adjustments. Since these custom made costumes are stitched in India as per your requirements, you may have to wait for 4-6 weeks to get it delivered to you. Custom made Indian dance costumes are stitched in India as per the measurements you have submitted. We have expert tailors at various states of India to make different styles and designs of Indian dance dresses. 

This dance costume is made of Art Silk material.

Kerala Natanam or Kerala Dance is a novel art form evolved from Kathakali and is comprised of nritha (absolute or pure dance) nrithya (dance with music and gesticulations) and natya (dramaturgy) and angika (body gestures), vaachika (verbal), aahaarya (costumes and make up) saatvika (of temperaments and involuntary status) abhinaya (acting), in accordance with the thala mela (rhythm) order of the percussion instruments used in Kerala. t is neither Kathakali nor an attempt to reform or redefine it. In simple words Kerala Natanam is a classical dance following rudiments of 'Natya Shastra' and practicing basics of Kathakali techniques. The Indian dancer Guru Gopinath developed and stylised this dance by blending Indian dance Classicism and modernism. It is a popular dance upholding the universality of Indian hand gestures as language of communication, and abhinaya(acting).It is a strong and expressive dance form. It helps to build agility, precision, rhythm and is an excellent way to keep fit while learning a beautiful dance sequence. This dance form is also highly expressive in terms of its story telling content. Guru Gopinath, the mentor of this dance, was a trained Kathakali artist. He tried to develop a new style without losing its charm and classicism. A major difference from Kathakali is the change in the costumes and music.It accepts the amgika abhinaya- body movements and gestures -in toto from Kathakali and Natyasasthra. The elements of satvika abhinaya- facial expressions ans emotions - are fine-tuned to fit to the need of the modern theatre with electric lighting. The scope for stage movements doubled. There is a significance deviation in the aharya abhinaya(costumes and make up. Kerala natanam does not use a set dress code, but assumes a suitable dress for the character(s) presented.While Kathakali follows the sopanastyle of music, Kerala Natanam shifted to pure karnatic music. But it allows any Indian or western musical instrument like violin , sitar , harmonium , flute sarangor tabla, while also popularising Kerala instruments like the chenda, mrudamgam, ilaththalam, itakkaand others.