Bharatanatyam Temple Jewelry Dance Set PRO 4949

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A18 4949 HD01
Complete set of the traditional Bharathanatyam Jewelry with all the 9 separate pieces. Made with Green & Maroon, quality  stones.  This temple jewellery is suitable for Bharatanatyam as well as kuchipudi dance. 
This item consists of a complete set of professional Bharathanatyam imitation Temple Jewelry. This is includes some of the best of every temple jewelry ornament we have. It includes a very beautiful unique Choker, Long Chain, Mattal, Nath Bullakku, Belt/oddiyanam, Jimikki, Rakkodi, Chandran, Sooryan, Vangi and Nethichutty. This dance jewelry set is suitable for professional adults and teenagers for arangetram. Please note that due to the nature of stock and availability, some items may vary slightly from that of the picture shown. Similarly a 4 line or 3 line long chain will be provided depending upon the availability. This is one of the top quality, most beautiful imitation Temple Jewellery sets we have. Your satisfaction guarenteed !
The flexible belt in this set is about 18 inches long and the length of long chain is about 22 inches around. 
The head set is of regular size.