Bharatanatyam dance costume for Boys

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Usually ships within 4-6 Weeks

Please click here to see the dress size chart.

Its a 4 piece costume - Pants, Shawl, Back seat and fan. No top.

This is a readymade dance costume made of Art silk material for male dancers. Please make sure the size is OK for you. Please call us for color combination or add the colors you prefer in the comments column. We may only have selected sizes and colors of this dance costume in stock.

If you didn't find a suitable size and color, don't worry - we also do custom made costumes. Since the custom made costumes are stitched in India as per your size, you may have to wait for 4-6 weeks to get it delivered to you.  Custom made Indian dance costumes are stitched in India as per the measurements you have summited. We have expert tailors at various states of India to make different styles and designs of Indian dance dresses.

Most of the time, the colors are very similar to what you see in the picture. In some cases there may be a slight difference in the color shades and the shades of the Jari. Jari width may also vary costume to costume as these are done at diffrent times and by different tailors. No refund or return will be provided due such reasons.