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Assembled Chandra Hair and Jada set with Hair Kunjalam

$ 31.20 - $ 34.90
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This is a complete assembled hair set with fake hair, Kunjalam and Jada for Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dance hair makeup.

Simply fit this to the dancer's hair and tie it to the hair ring (hair bun) and forget the rest. Save hours of makeup time. Easy to fit and remove.

There are three options you can select in this product. The Large jada set is about 32-36 inches long ,  Medium one is 24-26 inches long and the small one is 18 to 23 inches long . There is thread behind the jada to tie your own hair to it. You need extra thread to tie the top of the Jada to the hair bun. The kunjalam at the end of this Jada may vary depending upon the stock. 

There will be length and kunjalam type/color variations between pieces, even if you buy two same type as these are all hand made. No guarantee that all are same exact pieces.