Arangetram Planning

Arangetram is a milestone in the dancer’s and parent’s life which requires a lot of planning.

Here is the basic planning idea. The timings are approximate and may vary depending upon the teacher, student and the place you live.

12 Months before Arangetram

Discuss with the teacher to know if the dancer is ready.

Have an idea of which month is appropriate to have the Arangetram. Plan to avoid exam time, vacation time, Major Indian festival times etc…

Think about the music. Discuss if you need live orchestra or recorded music.

If live orchestra is the plan – contact the musicians for a date and shop around.

Discuss with teacher about Jewelry and costume types, number of costumes etc..

Have a rough estimate on number of guests.

Based on number of guests, contact local auditoriums and recital halls. Also make sure the orchestra is ok for that time.

Ask around for good photographers and videographers and shop around. Since you have one year, you can get bargains !

Think of a time and plan about food depending upon the timings.

Ask around friends about food vendors.

If the dancer does not have Jewelry, plan to buy it

If you are planning to have chief guests and guest of honor for the arangetram, think of some names and even talk to them about their availability.

8 Months before Arangetram

Should have signed the contract with the orchestra and the auditorium.

Should have a better idea about the chief guests. Ideally you should have one confirmed chief guest by now.

Consult a physical therapist, explain/show  aramandi/muzhumandi and get suggestions for knee and back strengthening workouts. You don't want see your child suffering from any knee or leg pain due to long practices nearing to the arangetram day. Find time to do the strengthening work outs regularly
You may consider Yoga for increasing stamina and better breathing if your child have breathing or Asthma issues.

6 Months before Arangetram

Plan on costumes. You can buy sarees for the dress. But stitch it only 5 months before the program and get it before the photo shoot. Most young dancers grow and you don’t want to make the arangetram costume a year ago.

Order items for stage and front entrance decoration, if you are planning to do decorations.

If you plan to give gifts, this is a good time to order them

Plan on invitation – Electronic or print. Either case you have to start design it now.

Confirm photographer and videographer

Set a date for photoshoot


3 Months before Arangetram

Should have photos from photo shoot.

Should have confirmed the tickets and travel plan of chief guests

Should have confirmed the staying arrangements of the orchestra members.

Talk to close friends and families and assign them decoration and food area volunteering works.

Design of the invitation should be started now with pictures,  Orchestra ensemble and chief guests names.

Think about an MC for the program

Talk to the decorating person/contractor.

You should have jewelry, ankle bells and all the make-up accessories.

Complete the guest list.

Send the invitations with RSVP option.

RSVP should be mandated 15 days before the program date.

Sit with the food vendor and get the estimate.


One month before the Arangetram

Buy all the plates, silverware, napkins, glasses, cups etc…

Work on the onstage decoration statues/idols etc..You can borrow them from friends.

Setup a meeting with the theater/auditorium staff and talk about audio and lighting. Use professionals for these two. DO NOT use volunteer friends.

Finalize the arrangement of the dining area.

Collect/buy/order online all items for the decoration

Talk to the MC and write the flow of the program and verify it with teacher.

Print and frame the blow up pictures of the dancer if you are planning to do so

Make sure the raiser for the artists to sit is available in the auditorium. If not, plan to rent one.


2  weeks before the Arangetram

Once again talk to the decoration volunteers and contractors

Make a checklist of everything needed back stage

Make a checklist for everything need for food are

Make a checklist for everything need for the green room

Write all  speeches and  discuss them with teacher and MC

All the lamps and vilakkus need to be Polished

You should have closed the RSVP by now. Call the food vendor and tell the final count


1 week before the Arangetram

Purchase water, drinks etc…

Order floral arrangements, plants, and floral bouquets.

Remind light and sound people, video and still photographers about rehearsals

Make sure your Iron costumes, check jewelry, ankle bells etc….

Do a rehearsal with live orchestra, 2 days before the program


The previous day of Aranetram

Transport the plates, spoons, napkins etc… and keep them in the dining hall area.

Transport lamps, flowers, pictures and other decoration items and keep them in place.

Have the tables for reception, greeting card box, sweet boxes etc…ready

Finish stage decoration as much as possible

Transport the raiser for the artists to sit and place it on the stage and decorate it.

Keep the chairs for the chief guests near the curtains

Keep two tables ready behind the curtains. One for dancer’s towel, water, juice, touch-up items etc.. and the other for keeping the gifts for the chief guests and artists.

Make sure the podium is decorated.

Keep the Nataraja statue and Vinayaga statue on stage.

Call the food vendor and remind him about the event timings etc.

Transport water bottles and drink bottles and keep them in the dining area.


The day of Arangetram

Finish stage, foyer and dining hall decorations

Sweep the stage after everyone finished

Call volunteer heads and ask them to arrive at the venue 3 Hrs before the program


Five hours before

Start the make-up

Start the costume

Give clear instructions to volunteers and assures

Give the audio engineers and musicians enough time to tune the system and equipment.