Arangetram Orchestra FAQs



Q: How many rehearsals are needed before the arangetram?

A: At least 4 rehearsals are needed. All the orchestra members are professionals with several years of experience and they can perform with minimum practice. The rehearsals are needed for the dancer to get confortable with the singer and the mridangist. 


Q: What is the time duration of each rehearsal ?

A: Mostly, an arangetram consists of one full margam and it is about 9 to 10 items with approximately 2 hours duration.  So if everything goes well, each rehearsal should be about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. But this is not the case for first 2 days. It takes a lot of time for the dancer to get used to the singer. The initial practices may be frustrating, but don't worry - everything will get settled after few rehearsals. Our team will work with you patiently without set time limits to make the best out of the dancer. Our atmost goal is to make your arangetram a grand success !


Q: What types of dances do your orchestra support?

A: We have professional nstrumentalists and vocalists who can support Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi Arangetram.


Q: When will the orchestra arrive?

A: Usually the team arrives on the beginning of the week of your arangetram - typically Monday. They will have 4 or 5 full days for rehearsals. It is recommended to have a stage rehearsal to make sure all the aspects of the stage - Light, sound etc., are working fine. This should happen couple of days before the program. It is recommended for the dancer and the orchestra team to take rest on the previous day of arangetram.


Q: What kind of instruments are needed for an arangetram?

A: Traditionally, the Arangetram orchestra has a vocalist, Nattuvanar, Mridangist, Flutist and a violinist. The Nattuvanar is usually the dance guru. We provide all the other artists.


Q: Do you have vocalists who can sing in multiple languages

A: Most of our vocalists have very good experience in singing Tamil, Telugu, Kannada  and other south Indian languages.