Arangetram expenses


Plan to include the following expenses in your budget. These may vary depending upon where you are located. 

1. Live orchestra fees

2. Live orchestra stay and food for a week's practice

3. Fees to the teacher for the extra classes

4. Additional arangetram fees for the teacher

5. Cost of Jewelry and dance costumes

6. Auditorium rental charges.

7. Audio equipment rental fees. Usually, this comes with the auditorium

8. Cost of food for the attendies

9. Dining hall rental fees

10. Cost of plates, silverware, napkins etc...

11. Fees for videographer

12. Fees  for photographer

13. Invitation and brochure printing cost

14. Gifts for chief guests, Orchestra members and teacher

15. Picture blow-up and print charges

16. Cost of decoration items and rental charges for any additional decoration pieces.

17. Fees for decoration contractor