Ankle Bell 2 Line Maroon Professional Velvet Ghungroo

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Professional quality Velvet Ankle bell pair.

This is a two line ankle bell pair with each ankle bell having about 17 - 18 brass bells. This item has high quality brass bells on the cushioned velvet pad - professional quality ankle bell... Very good durability and sound !!!

The ghungroos on this bells are the biggest in the category. 

Dancers use Ankle bells while performing all kinds of Indian dances. Especially belly dancers and Indian Classical dancers use ankle bells for all their performances. These bells are made by attaching ghungroos (metal bells) to leather or cloth pads.

Ankle bells are known by different names in different parts of India. In Tamilnadu, it is known as Salangai and in Kerala people call it Chilanka. In north India it is commonly called as Ghungroo. Depending upon the age of the dancer and the size of ankles, one can choose the size of the ankle bell. Usually adults prefer a 5 line or 4 line ankle bell. For teenagers and small kids parents can choose anything between a two line and four line.