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Pure Spanish Saffron 28G

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Saffron - the most expensive spice of the world, is the dried yellow stigmas from a small purple crocus. Each flower provides only three stigmas, which must be carefully hand-picked and then dried, an extremely labor-intensive process. It takes about 235,000 stigmas to make one pound of saffron, making saffron the most expensive spice. Fortunately, a little saffron goes a long way as a colorant and flavoring for cheeses, pastry, rice and seafood. Saffron is used in spice blends for paella, curry, kheer and bouillabaisse.

Saffron is native to the Mediterranean, and most imported saffron comes from Spain.

You will be getting 28.5 grams of pure Spanish Saffron packed in box, when you buy this product.

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