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Create Arangetram or Rangmanch Invitation Web Page with RSVP

$ 125.00
$ 100.00
(You save $ 25.00 )
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Webpage and invitation will be created in within 7 Business Days. Email extra pictures to

Maximum file size is 1000.00 KB, file types are jpg,gif,png,bmp

Maximum file size is 1000.00 KB, file types are jpg,gif,png,bmp

Are you an Indian Classical dancer getting ready for Arangetram or Rangamanch? 

Submit your information and we will make a page for you in a weeks time. You will be able to upload you profile picture, your invitation message and multiple other pictures, Your Gurus details and the musicians details on your beautiful webpage.

The invitation webpage will be created in the site
Please give us your preferred "URL" name and your page will be created at, if its available. If not, we will assign a closest one for you. You can email all your friends the link to your page and they will be able to RSVP from your webpage. 
The webpage will be active for 12 months from the date of creation and after that you can renew it for a minimum yearly payment.
Once you create your profile, if you need to do any corrections or updates, please email to